ꙮi LOVE shadow wizards YIPPEEꙮ

A "shadow wizard" is any wizard or wizard-adjacent character with a shadowed/obscured face and most often glowing eyes. Bonus points if they have shadow-related magic. I will be giving a bit of leeway with this definition, though!

I'm not any leading expert on shadow wizards (is there one??? if I'm the only one does that make me the expert) so some of my picks you might not agree with.

Orko from He Man. Arguably the original shadow wizard.

Vivi from Final Fantasy

I really like Vivi's concept art by Yoshitaka Amano.

Expunged from Dave and Bambi

Mr. Dark from Rayman

Pizzards from Pizza Tower

Mismagius from Pokémon

Minä from Noita

The Shopkeeper from The Messenger

Magic Man from Moonstone Island

Wizards from Magicka

The Collector from Slay the Spire

Cybil from Dead Estate

Kloaks from DK Country 2

Shamans from Super Mario RPG

Snail Shaman from Hollow Knight

There are lots of shadow wizards in lots of places. I love them all even if I don't know their source material in the slightest. Because of this there may be some spoilery characters here, sorry.

This page will have as many shadow wizards as I can remember and include! Please tell me about any shadow wizards (or similar looking guys) you know of that I may have missed! I'm open to including OCs but I will be very picky and only include them if given permission.

The shadow wizard money gang themselves! This trio was drawn by @jarlug on twitter. This inspired the trend of drawing both these specific guys and also other similar variants. They are exemplary shadow wizards.

Green Mage from Everhood

Veigar from League of Legends

Magolor from Kirby

Lonely Wizard from Inscryption. They are so smal

Vivian from Paper Mario: TTYD

The Cool Witch from BACK

JORIS IS SOOOOO SHADOW WIZARDCORE and he's even a mage too kinda

Basically every Wizard with a Gun character

Cultists from The Binding of Isaac

Hecate from Hades II

Cursa from Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Shimmered Wizard from Terraria

The Feaster/Hastur from Identity V

Fleshmancer/Aephorul from Sea of Stars

The Black Mage from Maplestory



The "Hat Man" is a similar yet different archetype to the shadow wizard; a lot of the time there is even an overlap (Mr. Dark, Count Bleck and Crow are examples of these, being hat men but magic users at the same time). It's an important distiction!

Gray Man from LSD Dream Emulator

Dr. Strangeglove from Moshi Monsters

Crow/Player Character from Crowsworn

Toy Taker from Rudolph

Candy Dealer from Spooky Month

Morgo from Lakeview Valley

The spies from Spy Vs Spy

Charon from Hades

Cartridge Guy from FNF Lullaby

A hat man is a character usually in a large overcoat/trenchcoat and a formal hat. The obscured/simple face from shadow wizards is also seen in Hat Men.

The Faker from Jackbox Games

The Interloper from INTERLOPER (though he doesn't seem to have a hat, I think he counts.)

The Spook, mascot for the F-4 Phantom II airplane.

Midnight Crew from Problem Sleuth

Count Bleck from Super Paper Mario

MoneyBagz from Vs. Ourple Guy V3

Mr. Qi from Stardew Valley

Thin Man from Little Nightmares II

C.A.W. Agents from A Hat in Time



There are also a variety of characters that are shadow wizard-ish. They are not wizards (or hat men), or they're wizards but not quite shadow enough, but carry a lot of the same design philosophies and also this is my shrine and I get to include whoever I want :}

The Riverperson from Undertale...if only they were a confirmed magic user :{

The Nomad from Nomad of Nowhere. Really close to being a hat man AND a shadow wizard, but the outfit isn't quite there.

Johnathan 17 bucks...he counts don't @ me

Marvin the Martian. He's got the face, at least.

The Collector from Dead Cells

Little Red from Lobotomy Corporation

"Shrouded Figure" from Stardew Valley

Mr Pages (among others) from Fallen London

Entity303 from the Minecraft Creepypasta

Owl from Black Belt Challenge

I'm just a fan of weird guys with obscured faces.

Ida from Monument Valley

Rosa from TLOZ: Oracle of Seasons

Abigail from BACK. Similar deal to the Nomad (both cowboys!), and despite her shape language being closer to a shadow wizard she isn't technically magical.

Wizard Cookie from Cookie Run

Ancient Minister from SSBB

Gleam from Gleamlight. They've got the looks, but no magic.

Cultist from Enter the Gungeon

Mysterious Druid Knight from ULTRAKILL. Magical and somewhat shadowy, but not *really* a wizard? Will debate.

Sheryl the Crow from Lunacid

Death from Death's Door