ꙮGeneral Resourcesꙮ

I am all for helping others navigate life and the net, so here's a list of stuff I've found useful or fun over the years!

Like the graphics page, this will be updated periodically as I remember and find new things.

If you spot a broken link or image, please lemme know on my tumblr or retrospring!

The chad. The GOAT. The best. The Internet Archive! MASSIVE site full of books you can check out like a library, videos, movies, web pages, ROMs, anything you could think of and more! Dig around a little and you might find something really interesting!

Legally distinct recreation of Photoshop, in your browser, for FREE!!! Somewhat limited in places but has everything you'd realistically need and accepts a wide variety of file types.

First of all, DOWNLOAD FIREFOX! Second of all, rentry with a ton of great tips and extensions for Firefox to help protect you and clean up your browsing process.

Really cool image hosting site with pretty much no image limit. I switched to this after the discord link expiration fiasco happened.

Faithful recreation of old MSPaint, right in your browser! Has a few extra features too.

Website where you can upload 3D models and it will create a pattern for making a plush out of it!

One Mark Rosenfelder's extensive, constructive guide on how to pronounce English words, since English sucks a lot.

Website for finding words that are just on the tip of your tongue. Type in a descriptor and it might just have what you're thinking of.

Tons of adjustable and free noisemakers. Background noise, white noise, soundscapes, etc!

Website with a bunch of cipher/code machines and other puzzle stuff.

Collection of accessible and succinct explanations of different comic devices, like different ways to use speech bubbles and panels, with visual examples.