I like a lot of stuff, so here's some cool things I think people should check out. Will update as I remember and discover things.


Songs I recommend

Animated music videos I like

Video essays I like

My Ao3 fanfic favorites. Yeah, I'm serious.


Dinofish.com, a site dedicated to the coelacanth, my favorite animal! Gorgeously old internet format, and continues to have updates to this day.


A labor of love. The entire world of Hollow Knight as one huge stitched together map image.

Famous paintings viewable in extremely high detail and quality.

Album Of The Day

Site that posts a different album every day from submissions. Find some new and obscure stuff, and check out the history tab too!

awesome cars

(loud warning) Funny shitpost-y site dedicated to a singular theme of playing trap remixes of jingles over an edited photo of a car. The absolute amount of variations is insane so it deserves at least a mention.

Death Generator

Website where you can add whatever text you want to a huge number of pixel-based games' textboxes, plus some extras.

Cool Art

Suzanne Treister - Fictional Videogame Stills

Really cool art series with a lot of LSD Dream Emulator energy, but in 2D form and arguably more abstract. Hard to describe it, actually. Check it out!!


Person that makes lots and lots of really cool abstract ASCII art.

Simon Stålenhag

I LOVE this guy's work. Lots of environmental settings, late 90s-early 00s architecture, but with huge megastructures, industrial cars, mechs, or other strange creatures.

Reading Material

DRAWING FOR NOTHING, a budding artbook-type thing detailing cancelled film and tv productions with lots of backstory, concept art, and video links.

BACK, a humorous webcomic by KC Green and Anthony Clark about a strange cowgirl who wakes up in the wilderness. One of my personal favorites and the source of my "Queenie" moniker. Completed work.

Worm, a web serial by Wildbow about a highschool girl who gets bug superpowers. Please mind the content warnings; just about everything is sensitive and morally gray or bad about the world the story is set in and there's some outdated language since it's from the early 2010s. This story is 16+ and not for the faint of heart, I'd say. Completed work.

Rain, a webcomic by Jocelyn about a trans girl going out in public as a woman for the first time. PG-13. Don't let the artstyle put you off; it's a legitimately touching and emotional piece of storytelling. Completed work.

Girl Genius, an extremely long webcomic by Phil and Kaja Foglio, set in a steampunk setting, about a young woman who just can't get her inventions to work but soon discovers something shocking about her past. 16+ due to a lot of fanservice and violence. It's also excruciatingly heterosexual at times but the love triangle is actually interesting and not the main focus of the story. It's been going on since 2002 and has stayed consistently good. Ongoing work.

500 Mile Email, a website dedicated to catalogueing stories of weird and funny computer bugs.

Awful Hospital, a hyperfic by Bogleech about a mother who finds herself trapped in a strange hospital outside of her known reality and her mission to rescue her sick son. LOTS of 4th wall fuckery. PG-13 for all the unsettling imagery; as you might guess there's a whole helping of medical horror and grossness, so be warned. Ongoing work.

17776 (and its sequel 20020), a hyperfic by Jon Bois about what football will look like in the year 17776. Sci-fi and written by a true sports nerd, but you can enjoy it even if you don't know anything about football (like myself). PG-13 for language. Completed work (until 20021...)

Handplates, an Undertale AU fancomic by ZarlaS focused on Sans, Papyrus, and Gaster. Some of you Undertale Tumblr OGs will probably recognize this one. It continued to run from then (2015) all the way to July 2023. PG-13 for medical horror and depictions of abuse/violence. Completed work.