ꙮGraphics Hubꙮ

I've gone down a huge number of rabbit holes in my quest for cool shit to put on my site, so I figured I'd gather as many of my source sites as I can here so that others can find cool shit, too. A lot from my collection, especially the blinkies, come by collecting them off of other people's sites when given permission. Many of them have hyperlinks back to their source if I can find it, so if it's not here, it might be there. Anyway, enjoy this list of visual web knick-knacks.

This page is ever-updating as I continue to go autism mode. Also check out the general resources page.

If you spot a broken link or image, please lemme know on my tumblr or retrospring!

Website where you can customize your own 150x20 blinkie from a huge selection of templates.

Deviantartist who makes really nice blinkies on a variety of subject matters, especially LGBT+ and minorities.

This site has dividers, favicons, stamps, blinkies, buttons, text, and more. Also check out the Re:source Webring, which the safari is a part of.

Shishka's collection of graphics, made by them and others. Pixels, banners, blinkies, stamps, etc.

SpiritCellar's huge collection of graphics. Buttons, blinkies, stamps, etc.

Collection of pixels, blinkies, stamps, and buttons. A good mix of general and funny.

A Deviantart group that isn't very active nowadays, but it contains a ton of sub-galleries of classic Deviantart-style stamps.

Tumblr blog that posts nonsensical, memey, and hyper-specific fake Deviantart stamps.

A rentry full of mostly favicons, but also a good amount of gifs, blinkies, and dividers. Takes a minute to load everything.

Favicon central! WILL take a while to load.

Website full of images, primarily pixels. Lots of subject matters, dividers, blinkies, etc.

Internet graphics galore! Pixels, blinkies, dolls, smilies, stamps, and more! All very well organised. It's an older site, so there's a lot of stuff that really dates it.

Website powered by archive.org that pulls gifs from all over old archived geocities websites. Can take a while to load and WILL slow down less powerful computers if you load too much at once, but it's an extremely useful resource.

Bunch of old internet gifs! Huge variety. Presented as if it's a shop.

Over 4,000 88x31 buttons, both old and new. Sadly does not link sources.

Lots more old 88x31 buttons. This is a particularly well-known archive.

Another 88x31 collection, sorted by subject matter. This one has sources!

HUUUUGE badge collection! Will probably take a minute to load.

Old Macintosh black and white sample clipart from the 90s, now archived in one place!

Collection of tons of old internet and software icons. Beware of broken links and images. It's a little hard to navigate at times but the icons are awesome.

Buncha nice tiled backgrounds! Most of the ones on my site here are from this page. sadgrl also has a lot of other resources!

Archive.org archived page from Minkle's Realm, who has a huge collection of things from dolls to blinkies to kaoani. Since it's an archive of an old site, not all the images load, but a surprising amount do.

Archive.org archived geocities page of a chinese user's web graphic collection, all meticulously organized. The site isn't in english, duh, but it's not hard to navigate and figure out what's what. Kao, backgrounds, dividers, section buttons, and a whole collection of Hello Kitty graphics on the side!

Site with a huge collection of kaoani, aka puffs, those little mochi-shaped pixel guys that often have wings.

More kaoani.

Upload images and turn them into gifs with various effects, mostly 3D-related.

Upload images and apply various effects to them, both for gifs and still images.

What it says on the tin.

Make classic, crusty glitter text with a variety of different fonts and textures.

Make custom safety signs (i.e. Caution: Flammable, Warning)

Website where anyone can upload and archive old internet images, primarily of the glittery gif kind. Unfortunately doesn't ever link back to sources (if there are any remaining, some of the images are absolutely ancient), but it's at least good for ideas.


Some of the stamps on here were created by me. Here they are, free to use! No credit/link back needed, but it's appreciated.

And, of course, my site buttons once again.