ꙮFrequently Asked Questionsꙮ

Can I use your art as a pfp/banner?

Yes! You can use my art for that on any platform. Please just give credit/link back to me.

Can I spam-like your stuff?


Can I interact with older art of yours?


Can I tag your art as kin?

Yes, for fictional characters that already exist, go right ahead, tag as kin!
If you are an alter/fictive that is said character or identify as them irl, you can tag/use stuff as well. Just, y'know, give credit etc.
No, if it's an OC of mine, do not tag as kin.

What program do you use for your art?

My main program is Procreate for the iPad. I pretty much do everything including animation on there.
I like to mess around in MSPaint a lot though, and I know a little of how to use Adobe Animate and Photoshop.

Do you take commissions?

Sometimes! I don't have any slots open at the moment but you can still ask me about them. You can
still check out the info on my comms page for now. Lemme know if you have questions, I don't bite.

I have a question not answered on this page!

You can ask me anything on my retrospring page or in my tumblr askbox. I don't bite!