Hi, welcome to my commission page!

Here I'll give a bit of info on how to comm me, what I will and won't draw, and what you can get from me!


You can message me on my tumblr and I'll be able to get back to you within ~24 hours unless otherwise stated

If you know my discord, feel free to message me over there too 👍

While I WILL take questions ABOUT comms on my retrospring, please don't send your requests through there. It's easier and more confidential if we discuss the details of what you want through messaging. I also don't check my retrspring nearly as often as tumblr and discord.


There are two places you can pay me through: Venmo or KoFi

Payment up front, please.

First we can discuss what you want, then you pay me, and then I get to work! If you ever want WIPS, or wish to see my sketch and ask for adjustments before I go on to finish, please ask!

You can commission more than one character within the same commission slot, but it will cost more per character. Max of 3 characters per commission.

What can I do with the art I get from you?

Post it to your account (with credit)

Use it for pfps, banners, etc

What can't I do?

Claim it as your own art

Use it for hate speech

Remove any watermarks/signatures

Use it to train AI models

What kinds of things will you draw?


Nonhuman (furries, etc)

Quadrupeds/feral (i'm not super good at it tho)

Simple mech/robots

Light gore



Sexual content of any kind

Realistic animals

Detailed mech

Pedophilia/abuse/whatever tf

Discrimination of any kind

Stuff I'm open to doing at the moment!

Little guys

(PRICING TBD) Prices may vary depending on character complexity. I'm willing to negotiate.

Just some little guys! For pages, emojis, or whatever!

Icons/Profile Pictures

$20 per flat colored, $30 per shaded.

Icons and PFPs with simple backgrounds for whatever social medias (or discord bots?) you wish!