About VesselVindicate

Hey there! I go by a lot of names and pronouns. They include...

Bob ꙮ Colin ꙮ Blam ꙮ (The) Entity ꙮ Bamberly ꙮ Queenie ꙮ Vessel

they/them/their ꙮ stey/stem/ster ꙮ void/voids/voidself ꙮ it/its/itself

I don't really mind which names you use. I tend to prefer the bolded one(s). Please use my pronouns interchangably.

The Rundown

Hi, I'm Bob! I'm nonbinary and aroace.

I'm an illustration student and character artist from the US. I like to draw fanart of my obscure interests. I'm trying to get better with original work. You can check out some of my stuff in the gallery through the home page. I've been drawing, writing, and animating for years.
I'm new to HTML, so this site is an experiment for me. I like to think it's a lot cooler than my carrd.
Please talk to me if I do something bad/out of line, support someone bad, etc. I don't bite and I want to be able to learn from mistakes, but I need to know I've done something wrong.

Main Socials/Contacts

My Discord and Tumblr are currently the best places to quickly and directly message me about commissions -- Discord is same username, you should be able to friend me. LMK if my requests are ever closed.

Fun Facts!

I dot my i's with a tiny circle. I also draw my circles from the bottom as opposed to the top like most people do.

I run on my toes, not just when sprinting, but when jogging too.

My favorite animal is a coelacanth.

My favorite candy is butterscotch.

My favorite drink is a lemon milkshake.

I am a certified Large Words User! I use long, obscure, hyperspecific and/or obsolete words a lot as a standard part of my vocab. Don't be afraid to ask what's up if I say some shit like "inordinate" or "galumph."